Building games with the future of NPCs

Artificial intelligence, genuine character

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We are building the next generation of video games with characters and mechanics powered by generative AI.
Our intelligent NPCs will be more fun to play with than other humans.

beholden to no man

AI has already begun to add a new dimension to our daily interactions (ChatGPT wrote this blurb). However, we believe there's still an untapped universe of creativity. With AI now able to power human-like interactions, you no longer need to rely on other people to experience virtual worlds socially. The door is open, we're inviting you to step inside.

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Four Stanford CS graduates trying to make Non-Player Characters less NPC and more C. We've spent our lives creating virtual worlds and manipulating them to extract every bit of realism. We believe that we shouldn't just experience AI – we should live with it, interact with it, and let our imaginations guide its evolution. Our goal is to help everyone do that through video games.

With a combined 70 years gaming experience (Bryn wasn't allowed to play video games until he was 10), the Slingshot team is poised to kickstart a new chapter in gaming history.